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Thank you for visiting the Dreamland Resort Web Site, number one in Area 51 research for over 20 years. If you are looking for serious information about Area 51, the Nellis Ranges, the Tonopah Test Range, Edwards AFB, Black Projects or Rachel, NV and the ET Highway you came to the right place. The founder and webmaster of this Web Site is a resident of Rachel, NV, right outside the gates of Area 51.

Within less than a year the Dreamland Resort had evolved from a one-man project into the number one Area 51 and Black Projects Research web site worldwide, with a growing team of researchers contributing material and supporting our goals. In the first 15 months this site attracted over 100,000 visitors. After less than 7 years we had over 2,000,000 visitors. In 20 years we had over 7 million visitors!

We also have many field reporters, including a number of locals from Rachel, contributing material to this Web Site. Our mission is to provide first hand information on Area 51, along with photos, trip reports, scanner frequencies, GPS coordinates and more. We are focussing on the facts around Area 51, and leave the fiction to others. We believe that the only way to lift the secrets of Area 51 is through sharing information, and we hope that this web site may help do just that.

Please feel free to use our discussion forum to share your thoughts about anything related to Area 51 with our many readers. We look forward to your posts.

In our Area 51 Online Store we offer a large selection of Gifts, Area 51 Gear, relevant books, videos, CD's and other information related to Area 51 and Black Projects, at very competitive prices. In association with Amazon.com we also offer scanners, GPS and other electronic "toys" that will make your trip to Area 51 more exciting and enjoyable.

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This web site is a living research project and permanently under construction. We will continue to add new information on a regular basis. To keep updated on our activities you may want to subscribe to our mailing list.

Thanks again for visiting the Dreamland Resort. Enjoy your expedition into the mysteries of Area 51.

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