Joerg Arnu
Dreamland Resort Founder and Webmaster

It all started with a day trip to Area 51 from Las Vegas. On December 26, 1998 my girlfriend and I set out to check out that mysterious place in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada Desert. I had read some articles on the Internet, and some of what I had read just seemed so bizarre and incredible that I had to see it for myself.

The first thing we noticed as we turned from the Extraterrestrial Highway onto Groom Lake Road were the two large white domes of the radar installation on Bald Mountain. As I later learned, they are equipped with highly sensitive surveillance devices that can cover the entire Tikaboo Valley. The next thing we saw, about half way down the seemingly endless dirt road, was a reflection of the afternoon sunlight on a hill ahead. As we got closer we saw that it was one of the infamous white Jeep Cherokees used by Area 51 security, sitting on top of a hill right by the border. There they were, the Cammo Dudes, watching us through high powered binoculars.

Of course I had read about them before, but when I first saw them, and the warning signs and surveillance cameras on Groom Lake Road, it felt kind of spooky. There are no visible buildings at all, even the guard shack is hidden around a curve. And yet you know that every one of your moves is being watched by heavily armed guards, as you stand on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, 40 miles from the nearest town.

I believe it was then that the first few of a long list of questions began forming in my head. Who are these guys in the Jeep? Why are they watching us? And why does the sign tell us that we can be shot if we pass that invisible line, if there is nothing out there? What are they hiding?

We continued to the black mailbox, and to have an Alien Burger at the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, but it was out there by the signs, in the middle of the desert, that I got "hooked". Since then I have spent quite a lot of time in the area on numerous trips, and eventually even became a part-time resident of the nearby town of Rachel, NV. But every answer I find just seems to create more questions. And no matter how I look at it, things just don't make sense. What is going on out there that they don't want us to know? What dark secrets can possibly be important enough for our government to justify killing its own citizens?

I believe that the best way to find answers is by sharing information, and I founded the Dreamland Resort Web Site as a forum for interested people to exchange their thoughts. Thank you for visiting the Dreamland Resort, I look forward to talking to you in our discussion forum.

Joerg Arnu, Dreamland Resort Founder, October 1999

Bike trip to Rachel in summer 2002; photo by Penny Clabaugh

Area 51 main gate with Jesse Ventura, Summer 2010

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