Janet Flight Schedule

A fleet of mostly Boeing 737 aircraft provide commuter transportation between Las Vegas, Area 51, TTR and the Lockheed and Northrop development facilities at Plant 42 in Palmdale. The commuter flights use the callsign "Janet". The flight schedule below is based on data from March 2019. In FlightAware and other aircraft tracking web sites, the Janets use the airline code WWW. So, Janet 474 would show as flight WWW474.

Most Janet flights to Area 51 show the TTR ICAO code KTNX as destination in the flight plan. Some flights show KXTA as destination instead. This code, although not officially recorded with ICAO, is associated with Area 51. In the past the ICAO code KTKM was also used as destination code for Area 51.

So, how do we know which flights go to Area 51. Simple: The altitude in the filed flight plan from KLAS to Area 51 is 14,000ft. and 15,000ft. for the return flight. For flights to/from TTR the altitude is FL200/FL190. Also, most flights to/from Ares 51 use the fixes JAYSN and EXITT in their flight plan, while most TTR flights use the TPH VOR as a waypoint.

The Las Vegas Janet terminal is located in the 400 block of S. Haven Street, only a couple of blocks off the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. For some good view spots please see our Map and Aerial Photo of the Las Vegas Janet Terminal.

Las Vegas - Area 51 round trip

Las Vegas -> Area 51 (14,000 ft.)
Janet 2113:35am - 4:00am... 26 
Janet 7724:05am - 4:30am... 87 
Janet 4565:05am - 5:30am... 71 
Janet 7386:05am - 6:30am... 53 
Janet 6217:05am - 7:30am... 36 
Janet 8667:50am - 8:15am... 81 Mon-Thu as needed
Janet 6528:05am - 8:30am... 67 
Janet 4519:05am - 9:30am... 66 
Janet 87611:05am - 11:30am... 91 
Janet 6751:50pm - 2:15pm... 90 
Janet 3312:50pm - 3:15pm... 46 
Janet 8123:50pm - 4:15pm... 27 
Janet 5554:50pm - 5:15pm... 70 
Janet 3626:35pm - 7:00pm... 77 
Janet 482(varies)... 97 Only occasionally 
no set schedule
Area 51 -> Las Vegas (15,000 ft.)
Janet 3234:25am - 4:50am... 38 
Janet 8844:55am - 5:20am... 99 
Janet 7075:55am - 6:20am... 83 
Janet 1236:55am - 7:20am... 52 Mon-Thu as needed
Janet 3287:55am - 8:20am... 43 
Janet 7649:55am - 10:20am... 79 
Janet 5631:10pm - 1:35pm... 78 
Janet 2882:10pm - 2:35pm... 12 
Janet 7332:40pm - 3:05pm... 48 
Janet 7873:10pm - 3:35pm... 13 
Janet 4434:10pm - 4:35pm... 58 
Janet 2245:10pm - 5:35pm... 39 
Janet 6676:10pm - 6:35pm... 82 
Janet 4748:10pm - 8:35pm... 89 
Janet 522(varies)... 37 Only occasionally 
no set schedule
Groom Callsign is the alternate callsign used by Area 51 Approach/Departure and Area 51 Tower, after the flight is handed off from Nellis Control. The name changes frequently, but the number is always the same for a given Janet flight. In most cases it is the last two digits of the original flight number plus 15. E.g. Bunny 89, Colt 89, Maple 89, Tiger 89 etc. for Janet 474.

Las Vegas - TTR round trip

Las Vegas -> TTR (FL 200)
Janet 5714:40am - 5:15am 
Janet 5865:25am - 6:00am 
Janet 4355:50am - 6:25am 
Janet 7157:40am - 8:15am 
Janet 7417:55am - 8:30am Tue-Thu as needed
Janet 23212:50pm - 1:25pm 
Janet 2653:35pm - 4:10pm Tue-Thu as needed
Janet 8453:50pm - 4:25pm 
Janet 3365:50pm - 6:25pm 
TTR -> Las Vegas (FL 190)
Janet 6835:50am - 6:25am 
Janet 6186:40am - 7:15am 
Janet 5476:55am - 7:30am Tue-Thu as needed
Janet 82711:40pm - 12:15pm 
Janet 8532:45pm - 3:20pm 
Janet 6344:05pm - 4:40pm 
Janet 3775:00pm - 5:35pm Tue-Thu as needed
Janet 2575:10pm - 5:45pm 
Janet 4487:15pm - 7:50pm 

Palmdale round trip flights

There are two round trip flights to Palmdale Regional Airport. A round trip flight on Mondays brings workers from Palmdale (likely Lockheed/Northrop Plant 42) out to Area 51 and possibly to TTR. They stay there during the week and return on Friday with another round trip flight.

TTR -> Palmdale -> Area 51 -> TTR (Mondays)
Janet 642-TTRPalmdale5:55am - 6:55am One hour later during DST
Janet 754... 69PalmdaleArea 517:20am - 8:10am One hour later during DST
Janet 278... 93Area 51TTR1:10pm - 1:40am 
Area 51 -> Palmdale -> Area 51 (Fridays)
Janet 281... 96Area 51Palmdale10:10am - 11:00am 
Janet 313... 28PalmdaleArea 5112:30pm - 1:10pm Sometimes returns to Las Vegas instead of Area 51 

The Odd Janet 344

Last, but not least, the odd Janet 344. It flies mostly on Tuesdays as needed to balance the flight schedule. Usually it operates from Area 51 to TTR, but occasionally it shows a different origin and/or destination. Along with Janet 278 this is one of only two direct flights of a Boeing 737 from Area 51 to TTR. Since Area 51 shows as TTR in the filed flight plan these two Janets appear to be making round trips from and to TTR.

Janet 344... ??Area 51TTRvariesAs needed to balance flight schedule;
sometimes different origin or destination

Semi-regular Beech 1900 Flights

Janet 619PalmdaleLas Vegas4:01pm - 4:51pm Tue-Thu as needed 
Janet 639TTRLas Vegas3:30pm - 4:00pm Sundays as needed 

Destination Codes

During clearance delivery the destination of a Janet flight is given. However, instead of actual names, the following codes are used:

  Destination  Code
  Palmdale Regional Airport/USAF Plant 42 (KPMD)    Station 1  
  Groom Lake (KXTA/KTNX)  Station 3
  ??  Station 6
  TTR (KTNX)  Station 7
  Las Vegas Janet Terminal (KLAS)  Station 9  

Other Destinations

The smaller Beech King Air turboprops of the Janet fleet, as well as a handful of other small aircraft, also operate more or less regular flights from Las Vegas to TNX (TTR/Groom) and to a few other locations. In radio communications with civilian ATC's they use their tail number as call sign (a common practice for small aircraft). On Groom Approach and Tower they use the same prefix as the Janets with a single digit number (e.g. "Bunny 1", "Bunny 3"). Destinations besides Groom and TTR include:

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