Janet Flight Schedule

A fleet of six Boeing 737s provides commuter service between Las Vegas International Airport, Area 51, TTR and occasionally Palmdale Plant 42 or other destinations as needed. The airline uses the callsign Janet and the planes are known as Janets. There are also seven smaller Beech Executive aircraft that operate out of the same terminal in Las Vegas. They are also known as Janets and use this callsign. Further down on this page you will find more information on the Beech Janets.

The six 737s make about 10 round-trip flights to Area 51 and 8 to TTR every weekday. Some flights listed below do not operate every day. There may also be occasional flights as needed that are not listed below. There are usually no 737 Janet flights on weekends. The tables below show the flight schedule as of 09/02/2023.

In the summer of 2021 there were about 14 daily flights to Area 51 and 10 to TTR. Based on other observation this decrease in flights does not seem to indicate a decrease in activity at Area 51. A large new housing unit was built there recently. So it is quite possible that operations currently require more personnel to stay on base over night, possibly through the weekend.

Thanks to our ADS-B receivers in Rachel and in Goldfield you can follow the Janets from Las Vegas all the way to TTR and almost to Area 51 on flight tracking web sites such as ADSBExchange or Flightaware. Janets from Las Vegas to Area 51 fly at 14,000ft. and 15,000ft. for the return flight. Flights to/from TTR operate at FL200/FL190. Flights to Area 51 usually enter the ranges at Mercury and head north over the NNSS. In the early mornings, when the 60's ranges are cold, they often take a shortcut entering the ranges over Indian Springs and heading straight to Area 51. Most TTR-bound flights follow US-95 towards Tonopah and then to TTR. When the 70's ranges are cold they sometimes take a shortcut entering the ranges over Mercury and heading north-west to TTR.

Click on the callsigns in the table below for historic flight data.

Las Vegas - Area 51 round trip

Las Vegas -> Area 51 (14,000 ft.)
Janet 1103:40am - 04:00am 
Janet 3304:10am - 04:30am 
Janet 7705:10am - 05:30am 
Janet 4306:10am - 06:30am 
Janet 8707:10am - 07:30am 
Janet 1708:25am - 08:45am 
Janet 4611:10am - 11:30amSome days up to an hour later
Janet 2701:40pm - 02:00pmSome days up to 30 minutes later
Janet 5102:30pm - 02:50pmSome days up to 50 minutes later
Janet 1504:25pm - 04:45pm 
Janet 2506:35pm - 06:55pm 
Area 51 -> Las Vegas (15,000 ft.)
Janet 2204:30am - 04:50am 
Janet 4405:00am - 05:20am 
Janet 8806:05am - 06:30am 
Janet 5407:05am - 07:30amOnly occasionally, up to 40 minutes late
Janet 4210:00am - 10:25am 
Janet 8612:20pm - 12:45pmSome days up to 50 minutes later
Janet 8201:00pm - 01:25pmSome days up to 15 minutes later
Janet 3401:25pm - 01:55pm 
Janet 1602:40pm - 03:05pmSome days up to 40 minutes later
Janet 6203:15pm - 03:40pmSome days up to 10 minutes later
Janet 2605:25pm - 05:50pm 
Janet 3608:10pm - 08:30pm 

Las Vegas - TTR round trip

Las Vegas -> TTR (FL 200)
Janet 5504:05am - 04:30am 
Janet 6505:30am - 05:55am 
Janet 3107:25am - 07:50am 
Janet 7507:40am - 08:10amOnly Tuesdays instead of Janet 39
Janet 5309:45am - 10:15am 
Janet 4701:00pm - 01:30pmSome days up to 20 minutes later
Janet 3902:05pm - 02:35pmSome days up to 30 minutes later, not on Tuesdays, Janet 75 instead
Janet 7303:40pm - 04:05pmOnly occasionally, up to 30 minutes late
Janet 3704:00pm - 04:30pm 
Janet 8306:05pm - 06:40pm 
TTR -> Las Vegas (FL 190)
Janet 2406:05am - 06:40am 
Janet 7606:40am - 07:10am 
Janet 3008:25am - 09:00am 
Janet 6410:55am - 11:35pm 
Janet 7402:45pm - 03:20pm 
Janet 4803:20pm - 04:00pmSome days up to 25 minutes later
Janet 8404:55pm - 05:35pmOnly occasionally
Janet 6805:10pm - 05:50pm 
Janet 1407:20pm - 08:00pm 

TTR - Area 51 Flight

Janet 9308:50am - 09:20amsome Tuesdays; usually via Hwy 95, some days direct

This direct flight from TTR to Area 51 operates occasionally on Tuesdays. Janet 75 from Las Vegas to TTR does not return to Las Vegas as it normally would but instead continues to Area 51 as Janet 93. From there it returns to Las Vegas.

Usually it flies down the US-95 corridor like the Janets from TTR to Vegas at FL190. But at waypoint JAYSN south of Mercury it turns north and descends to 14,000ft for the Area 51 approach. Occasionally, if the 70's ranges are cold it flies direct across the ranges at 14,000ft.

Palmdale round trip flights

Around 2021/2022 there used to be two weekly round trip flights from USAF Plant 42 in Palmdale, CA to Area 51 on Monday mornings and back on Friday nights (Thursdays before a holiday weekend). Plant 42 is home to the Lockheed ("Skunkworks") and Northrop black projects development division. The workers stayed at Area 51 during the week.

More recently there are fewer flights to Plant 42. They operate mostly on Monday mornings and sometimes on Friday afternoons. This could indicate a change in project activity. Perhaps as the project is further along personnel from Plant 42 stays at Area 51 for longer at a time, including weekends to run test. Or personnel at Area 51 has been trained to perform the project tasks there.

Area51/TTR -> Palmdale -> Area51/TTR (Mostly Mondays)
Janet 19Area51/TTRPalmdale07:05am - 07:50amSometimes Fridays as Janet 92 later in the day
Janet 29PalmdaleArea51/TTR08:30am - 09:10amSometimes Fridays as Janet 93 later in the day

Other Janet Flights

JANET99 - Mostly to Kansas City International Airport, MO for overhaul/maintenance or to the Boeing facility at Paine Field, Seattle, WA

Beech Executive Aircraft "Janet" Flights

The seven Beech "King Air" Executive Aircraft are registered to the same owner as the 737 Janets and operate from the same Las Vegas terminal. Since 02/2021 they also use the Janet call sign, but with a single digit flight number (e.g. "Janet 4" in radio traffic and "JANET04" on flight tracking web sites). The number is the last digit of the aircraft registration (tail number). See our list of Janet Tail Numbers. The exceptions are N20RA, which goes by "Janet 5" and N910CB, which goes by "Janet 10".

The King Airs operate between Las Vegas, TTR and Area 51 and also make somewhat regular round trip flights to the destinations listed below as needed. There is usually at least one such trip every weekday. Most of the round trips originate from and end in Las Vegas. However, since the Las Vegas Janet terminal only has room for four of the seven jets some of them are always at Area 51 or TTR over night and occasionally make round trips from there.

Sometimes one of the King Airs provides support for tests inside the ranges. Around June of 2020 N654BA was outfitted with instrumentation as an avionics test bed. It sometimes flies missions over the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range (TPECR) and in other areas of the NTTR using callsigns like Greyhound 1, Hobo 1 or Sabre 41. N661BA and N662BA have also been spotted supporting missions in the NTTR and R-2508 using the Area 51 call sign Sabre 45 or callsign Greyhound.

Other Destinations

Recent destinations

Older destinations seen in the past

Destination Codes

During clearance delivery the destination of a Janet flight is given. However, instead of actual names, the following codes are used:

  Destination  Code
  Palmdale Regional Airport/USAF Plant 42 (KPMD)    Station 1  
  Groom Lake (KXTA/KTNX)  Station 3
  Basecamp?  Station 6
  TTR (KTNX)  Station 7
  Las Vegas Janet Terminal (KLAS)  Station 9  

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