Re: Finally, new satellite pics/the truth

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 20, 2000 at 12:32:06 EST:

Boy, I'd like to believe that we were being visited by aliens, and stuff like abductions occur. I really would. It just seems odd that aliens have a prediliction for Airstreams and doublewides when selecting earthlings. It also seems strange that you can't swing a short-tailed dead cat without hitting a videocamera these days. They have caught clear shots of dozens of airplane crashes, murders, and the President hugging his squeeze, but gosh darn, no flying saucers. For that matter the still pictures that have been taken (surprisingly little in the past ten years) show that the Aliens that do visit us are good enough pilots to navigate all the way from the Zeti Reticuli Borscht Belt, but are unable to fly straight and level in our atmosphere. Probably looking for trailer parks to snatch more humans,"look T-Fal a fat Earth Woman watching their God Springer, let's take her!"

Sorry, the crop circles have been fessed up to by British kids, Nessie was a hoax, and the Roswell incident was idiot Air Force Officers trying to cover up a secret projet mishap. AREA 51 is a black hole that is filled with tax dollars and tremendously bored civil servants and contractors, scared shitless with threats about breathing wrong. No Saucers, no alien bodies, just a lot of expensive secrets.

No disrespect intended for those who really, really, really, think Independence Day was a documentary, but if colonization is coming, maybe it will improve property values in some areas of the country.

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