Re: my sighting

Message posted by Richard on March 13, 2000 at 17:34:12 EST:

escuse my sillyness
but when have the Aussies ever needed such equipment, you lot are wimps when it comes to modern warfare yet you have or 'want' some good equipment.

F-22s for the aussies.....why? who would you use them against? the Timorese?

Longbows- why? who would you use these on? the Timorese?

Sorry Magoo...just had to get that out...mind you, the British forces will be grounded soon if cost cutting keeps going on so i havent got much to brag about either....

and dont let this start into an me instead :-) Lets keep this bit for the 'sighting!'
Stir it up!
P.S ...still going back and forth on your Article...its great...well done mate.

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