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I read this site cause i am an active researcher in Black Programs, ive been the desert a good few times in search for the things we go there for.

I was recently out in Cali and Nev in november.
As for the crap weather....its fine here at the moment, im getting to see top gun style dogfights everyday, low level attack profiles, and so on...
Weather is usually crap cause its winter time :-) but we get 85-90deg heat in the summer no probs, as a matter if interest(maybe) where i live is where the only palm trees gorw in Northern Europe...loads here.

And as for the Cobra...well like you mentioned i think before, its pretty damn uselss in ACM because the art of ACM is pilot skill and energy, if you havent got the energy your dead.
The Cobra is now banned at most european airshows cause of its speed envelope...its a very dangerous manouevre if the pilot doesnt get it right...
The tailslide is a favourite still at UK Airshows...the best one was the hungarian Mig29 display team, 2 took off and did a tailslide sync perfect while the 4 others took off below them, 2 going up to meet the others when they were coming back down...perfect flying.

Anyway...if i find the article of USNavy Pilots in their F18s vs German Mig29s i'll put a snippit up here or email you directly whichever you want.

It details the weaknesses of both a/c in ACM against each other.
I also have an article of the F16 vs Mig29 and thir weaknesses also...worth a read if you are interested in that.

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