Re: Edwards AFB (please Read)

Message posted by Richard on September 21, 2000 at 11:46:39 EST:

The documents on the base site are FOIA and shouldnt be taken offline.
Besides they have been up for ages. why put them up in the first place? Just because you posted it to the group doesnt mean they should takr them down.
More people have probably visited the documents than this site alone.
Dont be hesitant to inform people with things that have been up for quite some time.
I've had Edwards documents on my Hard Drive for over a year and still use them.

The AFFTC has control over Detachment 3, so its best to start with the AFFTC on the Edwards Site, which i think is a link.
That way they can learn more about AAFTC and then use common sense on what Det 3 may be up to.
Lets look at their facilities we know of in the area:
Edwards North Base
Groom Lake
Tonopah Test Range
Some are co-owned or affiliated with Detachment 3 and so the missions of the Det 3 are fairly self explanitory.

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