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Message posted by Gary Sellani on August 20, 2000 at 15:22:18 EST:

I have a SUV on order, so I supposed I could try the drive to Rev Peak at least on my next trip. It's really too bad they didn't record waypoints. The waypoints really came in handy for Tikaboo. BTW, a car can do most of the A51 drives, such as Tikaboo and the TTR Brainwash Butte. Maybe not a sports car with low ground clearance, but my beat up old Jetta had no problems.

The repeater won't get yanked because I picked a spot in a federal forrest about 60 miles away from the ET highway. This is within range of a handheld with line of sight. I would get permission from the proper authorities since the deal would cost a few hundred by the time I'm done. I believe you could cover from basecamp to the powerline overlook. The area where I live has so many ham repeaters that the only way I could set it up here would be to use the "shared non-protected" frequency, which is subject to interference.

Incidentally, I did a FCC database search and found a repeater site near Tempiute (sp), but it is not high enough to cover the whole area. It was owned by the Lincoln County phone company. They have 3 sites to cover the general area, with freqs in the 152Mhz band. I don't have the info recorded but could look it up if anyone really wants it.

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