Re: Government watching?

Message posted by Joe Yasinski on January 27, 2000 at 22:38:57 EST:

Someone who knows...isn't that convienent. From my experience people who claim to have some tidbit of information and can not share you...are usually frauds. You think it may give some credibility but in reality it makes you look foolish. If you were so informed and discreet, then why would you dangle some little piece of info just cant share. People like you fill the ufo community and give it the aire of looniness that it has. From now on I'll refer to you as "someone who dosent have a clue". If you have info...share it...otherwise your BS serves no purpose than to muddle the already muddy waters of Area 51. Sorry if you dont have any courage, but there are people being HURT at area 51...getting cancer...dying. Some needs to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and tell the info they know. And people like you need to keep quiet amd stop encouraging silence.

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