Karl & Jolene's strange incident at Back Gate

Message posted by Norio Hayakawa on September 02, 2003 at 23:49:19 PST:

Karl and Jolene's unusual experience at the Back Gate (North Gate) as was reported by Karl himself ("BlackF150") on September 1, 2003 on this forum, is worthy of repeating here. According to Karl, while he was walking along the fence line he glanced over to the guard house. Karl then saw a cammo dude open the door. The cammo dude leaned out and yelled to him: "Hey, Karl, phone call for you!!". Needless to say, Karl was absolutely stunned and wasn't able to say anything. (I would have been stunned, too).
Jolene was sitting in the truck the whole time and she heard the cammo dude yell too. After the cammo dude slammed the door, Karl walked back over to the truck, trying not to look too stunned. Karl then stood in front of the gate to snap a few more pictures at which time the cammo dude seemed to be "messing" with him again and raised the front gate a few inches and then closed it, then raised it a little and closed it.

This is a significant incident. Perhaps Karl and Jolene does not grasp the significance of this incident yet. As far as I know, this is the first time that such kind of incident took place at the Back Gate Guard Shack.

The very fact that the cammo dude yelled at Karl, "Hey, Karl, phone call for you!!" superficially, at least, implied that the cammo dude was insinuating Karl to come into the Guard Shack and to pick up the phone inside. (This would seem to be sufficient legal grounds for Karl to get inside the gate and enter the Guard Shack, even though the cammo dude may have been simply jeering at him. However, Karl could have used this as "enticement" by the cammo dude and that would be sufficient reason legally to enter the gate to reach the Guard Shack, if Karl had decided to enter the gate.)

In any case, I envy this highly unusual experience of Karl and Jolene at the backgate. I now wish that such an incident would have happened to me!! (although my reaction would probably be the same as Karl's.....stunned and not knowing what to do).
Just to be able to hear the cammo dude talk to you (or even yell at you, naming you by name) is very very unusual.

Thanks, Karl and Jolene, for sharing this highly interesting incident with us.


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