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I did a little research and the guy was kind of right. LLNL says it was a nuclear powered aircraft. Here is the information from
Two other large development projects also began officially in 1957. One was Project Pluto, an Air Force-backed effort to develop nuclear ramjets for unmanned aircraft. The other was Project Plowshare, aimed at using peaceful nuclear explosions for civil engineering purposes. Livermore clearly had turned the corner.
Son of a gun, they have a photo on the site with the engine on a rail road car. A railroad at the TTR, hmmmhh.

The guy said the critical blue prints were really pink, and they had cameras designed to spot these "blueprints", which I guess should be called pink prints, leaving the site.

Oh yeah, the price for my machining was free, but I have to bring a few Area 51 photos from my next trip. ;-)

Speaking of nukes, there is a large General Electric nuke facility in Livermore out on 84. Somewhere is San Ramon there is a fuel processing plant or fuel analysis plant. All this nuke stuff is kept hush hush to prevent panic.

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