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Message posted by BobM on December 17, 2002 at 19:16:52 PST:

The thread last night about guns got me thinking to post some laws for folks visiting the area and not knowing what is legal or illegal.

Nevada is an open carry state, the firearm must be able to be seen from front back and the side if carried on the hip. If it is cold and you throw a jacket on and conceal the gun you COULD be charged with a gross misdemeanor, a fanny pack is also not a proper way to carry a gun unless you have a Nevada CCW(Conceal carry permit), backpacks should be o.k. If you are just passing thru or visiting Clark County you do not need to register your handgun with Las Vegas Metro P.D. , that is a common misconception.
Anyone may apply and take a course for a Nevada conceal carry permit, yes even you Californian's :) Once you have that permit you may carry concealed anywhere in Nevada except a very few choice places like federal buildings, airports and schools.

Do not have a loaded rifle in your vehicle anywhere in Nevada, that also puts you in violation of the law.

If coming from Rachel to Vegas and you do not have a CCW (Conceal carry permit) it would be best to not get off the freeway in North Las Vegas or Boulder Highway, they consider you having a firearm in the your car as a no no, a cop that is not to happy with firearms might just take you for a short trip to visit the local detention center, here is the statute...

North Las Vegas
9.32.080 Deadly weapon prohibited in vehicle--Exceptions. It is unlawful for any person to have in his possession in any automobile, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle any dangerous or deadly weapon. (Boulder City reads the same basically)

Las Vegas accepts the "Peaceable Journey" law and considers you car an extention of your home, and gives you the right to defend it.

If stopped by any officer it is best to keep your hands on the wheel and let him know you have a weapon in the car, most cops appreciate the heads up and will cut you some slack, if you have a Nevada CCW present it as you hand him you license and insurance.

The Nevada CCW course is offered for free at the Nevada Pistol Academy, and a lot of other places in Vegas (but not for free).

I recommend getting a Nevada CCW if you visit Nevada a lot, if pulled over it lets the officer know you have had multiple backround checks, even submitted fingerprints to the FBI, I have actually gotten out of every ticket since I recieved my permit, cops like knowing your not one of the losers they deal with everyday who has warrants, it shows you are an stand up citizen.

Well, I may not know alot about A51, but this is my AREA!

Be safe and Joerg, make sure you register all handguns you have with Metro!


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