Observablility threshhold...

Message posted by Scott on November 18, 2002 at 20:44:07 PST:

Point taken, Robb. It is interesting.
Subsonic, for sure, but louder than normal. I wish I'd looked up!
The first thing I thought about when I saw that weird contrail was of the pics I've seen online of the other one, which looked distinctly like doughnuts on a rope--a little too much like them, if you ask me.
The reason I'm even posting this for others to see is that I was there and saw it with my own eyes. I'm a hard case like that, very skeptical most of the time. Of course, we have no data ... unless someone out there is a wizard of an image analyst and can calculate my position, using the GPS coordinates I recorded there, against the azimuths to the peaks in the background, against the 35 mm lens I was using, and slice the problem more finely that I'm capable of doing. There is more calculable data, I think ... just not by me! Or maybe there's not enough benchmark data to work with. I dunno. But is is interesting.

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