Re: Russian Area 51?

Message posted by fastwalker on August 25, 2002 at 22:22:49 PST:

" I really doubt we would see any spy on Tikaboo. Well, not any foreign spy. '-) As you said, how do you hide yourself? And can you get decent Vodka in Rachel? "

so by your theory, you are sure Chuck Clark and Glenn Campbell are definitely not KG(used to)B.
it seems anyplace that hides govt secrets under heavy security would be a likely target for foreign agents even if only to gleen second hand intel from outsiders in contact with employees and perpetrate misinformation. and what better place for stranded soviet agents or moles to live out their lives enjoying the casual lifestyle of black ops enthusiasts.

this may sound like just a treatment for a bad spy novel, but nothing can probably prove to me it is at least not remotely possible that someone may be more than they appear. how surprised were they to find moles in the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, etc...and, is IS on topic!

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