Re: Russian Area 51?

Message posted by gary on August 25, 2002 at 15:16:17 PST:

I recall that the operation near Groom Lake was built to support the U2. That would put the creation of the base around 1955, or a few years earlier. According to the FAS, the Soviets started spying with satellites in 1962. So I would guess they had a few spys in Las Vegas in the post WWII 1950's. The nice thing about spying from the air is that you only have 3 miles of atmosphere to look through. Just imagine the photos we could take at 3 miles.

I think if the soviets (now CIS) are spying today, it would be all electronic. I really doubt we would see any spy on Tikaboo. Well, not any foreign spy. '-) As you said, how do you hide yourself? And can you get decent Vodka in Rachel?

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