Black Triangle seen from Tikaboo???

Message posted by fastwalker on August 13, 2002 at 15:47:53 PST:

Last night on Art Bell's Coast to Coast with George Noory, the guest in the first hour was Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., a staff member of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS)
He said that he has taken "testimony" from someone he did not name or describe in any way, that a large black triangle craft was spotted "on the runway at the Groom Lake Base" from an observation point on "Tikaboo Peak."

It caught my attention as he merely mentioned it in passing and refered to it again later as a sighting of the craft "on the ground at Groom Lake from Tikaboo", but offered no details of the sighting or claims of photographic evidence.
It seemed he was using unsupported claims or an anonymous report as evidence in his research. That type of possible disinformation can only diminish any credibility.


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