Re: Black Triangle seen from Tikaboo???

Message posted by Hank on August 14, 2002 at 17:46:21 PST:

Iam with Gary on this. I think that if its out in the open, on a runway, or seen thru an open hanger its fair game.If you dont want me to see it dont leave it out there. Maybe they would do it on purpose for disinformation. Pretty far fetched, but you never know.If I had an image of something I had not seen before I would probably post it to the site.I believe that the info should be shared and discussed.Although in the final analysis it would be a judgement call by the individual that took the picture.
If their is a video tape of an exotic aircraft at Groom as their is rumored to be and the videographer chooses to sequester it I believe that it is his property to do with as he choses.I would probably be so excited that I would run out of film, batteries, and video tape, and probably wind up with pictures of Pat and Joe.

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