a12 located

Message posted by gary on July 21, 2002 at 23:13:31 PST:

I knew if I fed Tom Mahood enough random waypoints, he would eventually say one was in the a12 debris field. This is similar to the team of monkeys who while typing at random, eventually write the Declaration of Independence.

Now seriously, I gave Tom some waypoints and it appears I have found some of the a12 debris, though the point of impact had eluded my search. I found the sacred metal, wire, some cast part, a linkage with a universal joint of some sorts, and lots of trash.

The best way to find this site is get that mysterious public document I have alluded to AND follow the ATV trail. Note the ATV trail isn't always continuous. When it travels over rocks, it doesn't leave a trail. So follow the ATV trail where ever it goes. The point of impact probably was too steep for the ATV to reach.

I have to assume Mr./Ms. ATV rider doesn't post on DLR, or else knows how to play it really cool.


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