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Message posted by gary on July 23, 2002 at 8:58:29 PST:

Regarding the heat in Meadow Valley, I carried way too much water (6 1.5 liter bottles). I figured there was no need to carry all the water up and down the hills looking for debris, so I decided to find a good place to stash the bottles. Rather than stash the water in the wide main wash, I thought it would be better to put them in a side wash where they would be easier to find if for some reason the GPS isn't working. That was where I discovered the additional ATV tracks.

I did the search early in the AM, so I don't think the temperature in the area exceeded 100 at the worse. Once I determined how much water I needed, I did the "self baptism" trick with some of the excess water to cool off. Even warm water evaporating has a cooling effect due to the phase change exothermic energy release. [Or is that endothermic?] It is like a personal "swamp cooler", a form of air conditioner used in extremely dry environments.

I wouldn't suggest others go into the area in this heat unless you want to do a general scouting expedition.

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