Re: The Hunt For 928

Message posted by Tom on July 08, 2002 at 20:09:58 PST:

>.. In fact, now that I have driven the roads in the
> area, you probably could get there with a car or
> van, but I wouldn't suggest it, as the spot is
> pretty remote. [This in itself is a clue since if
> you think you need a 4wd, you are probably on the
> wrong road. A pickup truck would do just fine, and
> there are no branches to scrap your vehicle when on
> the correct road.]

OK gents, I guess this is an important clue. If you think you can drive to the spot, you have the wrong spot. Motorcycle, OK, ATV, perhaps. Full size vehicle, no. Time for a hike, guys.

Considering I'm a lazy SOB, doncha thunk I would have driven there if I possibly could?

And everything I've written is as close to correct as I could make it. That doesn't mean that I might have left out a thing or two, but the story I've told is true.


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