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Message posted by Bob on July 10, 2002 at 15:47:43 PST:

In the early 90s I had spent some time poking around Meadow Valley South of Caliente and the Cherokee mine area.I was looking at old mining areas and not thinking about crash sites.Actually,after spending my whole life flying,I am not really interested in seeing where someone crashed. When I first read Tom's story I knew the area so it was even more interesting.The road from Lyman Crossing to Kane Springs is called the Over The Hill Road by oldtimers.South of it are some really nice geodes.Anyhow,the description of Ray,s POI area seemed to agree with my memory of the area. Later I went back to the Cherokee Mine and I think I could get close if I took the time.But I don't care where he died.However I have often wondered if someone could find the A12 POI with the clues provided by Tom.No aerials and no accident report.The accident report would be interesting reading and it tells where the canopy was found in relationship to the A12.Since Tom excised the distance it must be quite revealing.My feeling is the A12 is on the East side of Meadow Valley Wash and not anywhere near the Over The Hill road.Anyone else have theories?

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