What's really under Area 51, its connection to the Aztec, underground cities and Quetzalcoatl

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Message posted by James Mazzeo (Member since 11/24/2022) on November 24, 2022 at 13:52:01 PST:

Esoteric Essay #4

AREA 51…. what’s really underground and its connections to AZTLAN, the AZTECA and THE QUETZALCOATL!

I have come to these conclusions from MY personal experiences and MY research that include Maps (ancient, old and new... including the esoteric and hidden), Ancient, esoteric writings from various secret libraries, church documents both public and hidden, ancient Azteca Codices in the public domain and in private hands, Aztec and Mayan hieroglyphs, Native American myths, legends and oral histories and their Petroglyph trails along with some books, newspaper accounts and articles from the past.

This paper is written in the hopes to explain this mysterious, TOP SECRET, military base: why it's located in the place it is and what it's really hiding. I will also try to explain how the military really found a horde of ancient, lost high technology from a long lost and forgotten civilization once called Aztlan by the Azrteca, Maya and the Olmec. The native Americans also speak of these things in their oral histories and highly guarded indigenous teachings. The name given to this site (Area51) by the Native Americans was Shin-Au-AV.

One of the very first accounts of something very strange and unexplainable in this deserted area came in the middle 1800’s…. 1848 or thereabouts. During this time there were thousands of people working their way west from the St. Louis area to California. One of these wagon trains broke off from the rest of the groups and went a different way on their own. This group ended up traveling through the area once known as Death Valley… The Valley of Death. When this group finally made it to California they had an amazing story about finding a giant lost, destroyed city in the middle of the desert. They claimed they saw destroyed structures made of huge stones, they said there were petroglyphs all over the canyons and lots of native American relics and ruins all over the place but absolutely no Sign of life whatsoever. One person said in a journal that I was given access to the giant ruins were vitrified. He said it looked like this place was deliberately destroyed by something and parts of the stones were partially turned to glass. This phenomenon is also present in many other ancient sites all over South America and the rest of the world. This vitrification is evidence of ancient lost technology and ancient weapons. (I will try to find and post some pictures of this phenomenon from other sites as an example.) Not a single person believed these frontiersmen and the story they told was quickly forgotten. There was a very old newspaper article about this on the net years and years ago and then it magically disappeared. It might still be out there somewhere and hopefully one of you can find it again. Some of you are amazing researchers and I’d love your help finding this article again. I know where the journal is located but I just can't find the old newspaper article that pretty much corroborates the Journal. (Help here would be appreciated)

Now we have to fast forward a few decades to about 1930, give or take a year or two. This account was told by a couple of miners that were out in the Death Valley area looking for Gold and old Mines. This story and account can be read in full in a very scarce book that I insist was removed from circulation to cover up and hide this fantastical story. The name of this book is “Death Valley Men” and it was written by Brouke Lee. This book is extremely rare and often sells for hundreds of dollars. In this book the Author recounts the story he was told by these miners.

The abridged version of their story goes like this….. The miners claimed that while they were in Death Valley they came across what they thought was an old gold mine. These miners started digging around when the floor gave way and they ended up falling into a very large and old tunnel/cavern system. They said this thing went for miles and miles. They claim they also found huge rooms and areas full of lots of wonderfully weird things. They said the first room they went into reminded them of a Masonic Temple. They claimed that there were Masonic-like symbols all over the walls. They explored further and they said they came across a room full of extremely large (giants) mummies. They said they saw huge giant swords and other huge, weird weapons. They said they saw weird things like giant statues made of gold and other metals, sort of standing guard over certain rooms (Ancient lost technology… Robots?) One room was supposed to be full of long dead animals like saber-tooth tigers and possibly dinosaurs. There is more to this story and if you want to read the full thing you have to track down the book. There are videos on YouTube that speak of this…. Search something like Death Valley Underground City and you'll find a few videos that talk about this and the book. The story sorta ends like this. The miners went back to Los Angeles and told some government officials about this and tried to return with a large group of people. They claim in the book that the miners could not find the entrance to the site again so everyone went home and figured the miners made this all up. This is a lie and the very beginning of the cover-up.

First of all everyone needs to understand this. At this time there was no “OFFICIAL” Death Valley. It was not until the year 1933 when Death Valley was officially named and given borders. Before this time this area was still known as Death Valley by the locals but it was much, much larger and it went deep into NV as well. I claim to have seen and read private journals that tell a more “true” version of this story. These miners went back with the local authorities and showed them this really fantastical stuff and at this point the local authorities contacted the United States Government and they got involved and immediately shut this down and covered this up. The “Death Valley Men” book was published and when the government found out about this book they immediately suppressed it but a few thousand thousand copies made it out and were sold and are possibly still out there.

The United States Government quickly sent out people to investigate these areas, including all the surrounding areas in NV. and its surrounding states. I had brief access to another journal from one of these very explorers. They sent out a few teams and the things they found were amazing. The government quickly closed off numerous areas and plopped military bases on them. This was done to keep any and all searchers away from these areas. The proof is in the dates that all of these bases were first opened. They were all opened after these discoveries in the 30’s. This is not a coincidence!

Back to the journal… This person said they found things like native American petroglyphs, They found dozens of Native American artifacts, weird, destroyed ruins. They talked about a site in NV near a dry lake bed where they found a huge cave in the mountains that looked man made. They spoke of seeing huge skeletons of giants of a massive size laying dead, partially buried in piles of weird gray silty sand. They claimed to have found giant blocks that almost looked like they were made of a smooth, weirdly sparkling colorful glass until they looked closer and realized that these were really large stone blocks that were vitrified and sorta melted and turned to glass. These blocks looked like they, at one point in time, went together and used to be part of large buildings or a structure of some kind. They said it looked like these things were blown up by a massive explosion a long, long time ago.

This Explorer did not have first hand accounts of the underground discoveries but they did mention another group’s discoveries. This person knew another group member and he speaks of things that this person told him about at dinner one night. This person was with the group who entered a cave. They walked for miles and miles. The walls were extremely smooth but not natural. They ended up walking up to a giant hole in the ground. They looked down and saw a huge mummified giant laying on a giant stone altar. They could not believe what they were seeing. There were 12 more of these mummies arranged in a circle. The largest mummy in the center of this circle of mummies had a giant sword on his chest that was covered in a fine dust. The sword was huge, When the explorer rugged some of the dust off he said he got a really weird, “tingly” feeling in his finger, his head and his vision went all blurry! After a minute or two he was OK. He looked at the sword closer, keeping his distance not to touch it again. He said that the sword was made out of this weird greenish rainbow looking metal that sorta sparkled in a way that made it look like it was almost liquid and moving but it wasn't. (The author of this journal had a hard time explaining this metal and basically said it was supposed to be really “WEIRD”!…. Remember, he was recounting his colleagues' oral story in his journal. It's like these people were intentionally kept apart with certain people exploring only one area and that alone… compartmentalized intentionally???)

The explorer that wrote this journal said he hard a hard time believing this and this guy told him if he thought this was weird that another person told him that another group found a cave by a dry lake-bed that was not really a cave and it had 3 “GIANT” floating “pure SILVER” PIE TINS inside of it!!! He said these things must be worth a fortune. (They thought this thing was made of pure SILVER) He said these things were just sitting there in the middle of this giant building in the mountain. He said there were 3 and one looked different than the others, This one was not floating. He said it was on the ground sorta resting there laying on its side. He said the other two were just floating in the air a few feet off the ground above holes in the ground that were a few feet wide. These holes went deep, deep underground. They claimed to hear or feel a weird humming sound or feeling the closer they got to the silver pie tins. They touched one and instantly got a little shock. His head tingled and eyes got all fuzzy. He said the giant pie tin felt like it was ice cold and basically weightless. When he pushed on it it sorta wiggled a little but quickly settled right back where it was. It was like pushing on nothing. The government guy came in and saw these and instantly told everyone to get out and leave. He told everyone they were forbidden to speak of this to anyone and this was a matter of national security.

The author of the journal basically says the next day they did not go back out to the desert. At breakfast they were all given dozens of papers that they had to sign. After this they were all taken back to the Los Angeles area by dozens of cars that sorta magically showed up in a large caravan.

There were a few more entries in the journal about normal everyday life but nothing more about what they discovered or saw. You can tell that some time, over the years, a little kid must have been bored and found the journal because some of the pages had childish writing and pictures drawn in crayon over some of the entries from the explorer.

This journal pretty much corroborates the stories told in the “Death Valley Men” Book that was published and suppressed.

The Native Americans have a legend that talks all about this exact location. They say there is a large hole in the ground that leads to a huge cavern system. If you travel deep into this hole you will come to a huge. Magical city of sparkling gold that's full of weird beings and wonders. They have told this story for thousands of years. Some native Americans named this underground city Shin-Au-Av.

Others have used different names. The Aztec would consider this part of ancient Aztlan, one of seven such underground cities located here in the United States South West.

This underground city was actually introduced to the general public in the late 60’s in the weirdest way possible. This underground city was actually talked about in one of the most popular and famous books written in the last 100 years. This book is widely available to this very day. The book I’m speaking about is Helter Skelter written by Vincent Bugliosi. In this book they talk about this underground city, briefly. This is actually the real reason Mr. Charles Manson was caught in Death Valley out at Barker Ranch. It's not really clear who Charles Manson heard this from because he has changed his story. Once he claimed a miner told him and once he said a Native American told him about this long lost, Underground city in Death Valley. (The truth here is now lost forever)

Most people don’t know the true story of Charles Manson, they just know the name and the crime. Very quickly I will try to summarize the story. Manson was basically a cult leader who was originally claiming to be a Fallen Angelic Being with special knowledge and abilities. A divine being. This man actually had the Bible pretty much memorized. He quickly gained a lot of followers and they decided that little Charlie was not really one of the Fallen and basically started worshiping him as the reincarnation of Jesus and some considered him god, which he was neither! (The Fallen Angel is much more likely and would explain his crimes) After a few years Charlie grew this cult to a pretty large crowd. He was fighting with many Hollywood celebrities…. Charles Manson was well known in both the music industry and Hollywood. He supplied numerous, very famous, celebrities both drugs and underage prostitutes. There was a lot more going on with this man than you were told and there are famous people today that would be in lots of trouble if the real truth were to come out. These celebrities basically lied and stole from Charlie (The Beach Boys among others) and back-stabbed him so he figured a good way to get back at all of them would be to kill as many rich, white celebrities as possible and make it look like black people did it. This would cause a horrible race war that would completely destroy the entire country and the United State Government. The Manson family committed these murders and then Manson took them to Death Valley. He told them about this underground city and his plan was to flee to the desert, find the entrance to the underground city and they were supposed to live in the city and wait out all the carnage and destruction that the race war had caused that they had started. When everything was over they would reemerge and rebuild the world on their own.

(Side Note) I said Charles Manson was more the Fallen Angel Type… I think there is much more here than anyone wants to see or believe. You can see very weird, satanic and occult ties to these murders too. Charles killed the pregnant wife of the guy who made Rosemary's Baby. This movie was about a guy doing a satanic ceremony with his wife in order to get her pregnant with the Antichrist. Not a coincidence that little Charlie killed this lady people!!!. (Ties to MK-ULTRA and the Government's secret, Occult experiments) Much more about this in another Essay but this is worth looking into further!

Charles Manson actually really did find the entrance to this long lost and forgotten city but there was now a huge, giant problem! This entrance is now entirely flooded and completely impossible to enter. Charles sat at this exact spot three days trying to figure out how to drain it and get in. It's impossible so he abandoned that plan and they traveled a few miles back to Barker Ranch where they were caught a few days later. Charles and all of his family members have spoken of this and the media dismisses it immediately as a joke, the ravings of a madman! Then they quickly change the subject. He was right all along and I have been to this site. You can go as well. There is massive security guarding the entire place! This site is now known as Devils Hole, it is in NV directly in-between what they now call Death Valley and Area51.

I will post some pics of this place. If you want to see more you're going to need to ask me. I have like 70 pictures of all the fencing and security guarding this site.

The official story of Devils Hole is:

Devils Hole is Located In NV, you can go there today for yourself. I have been many times. The Hole is really an underground cavern system that is completely collapsing in on itself and is totally flooded. It's basically a huge underwater cave system that has a very rare and endangered fish living in it. This is why the government says this site is highly monitored, off limits and protected.

The above, I claim, is an absolute lie meant to mislead the public and hide huge SECRET!

This IS the real entrance that the Native Americans spoke of in their oral legends. This place was not always flooded. I actually suspect that the United States Military actually set off explosions long ago when they first found these sites in order to flood this entrance and make it impossible to enter the city. They already had their entrance out at Groom Lake so they destroyed this one intentionally. The legend and story of this entrance is pretty well known in some circles and this is why it's fenced off and highly monitored. I actually believe you're placed on a watch-list the second you visit this site. (Just warning you before you go) The security is astounding for a flooded hole in the ground, in the middle of nowhere, in a desert as hot as hell. This place is monitored by numerous HD facial recognition cameras. There are Microphones. Weird scanners. All of this is powered by solar power. There is cage-like fencing with razor wire. The fencing looks like a jail and must have cost millions of dollars. There are cameras on the top of the surrounding mountains that are looking down at the site. All of this to protect an endangered fish. This is a total Lie! The government flooded this entrance and is still monitoring it to see who goes there and why.

(Side Note) I live in Vegas so if any of you ever come out here I can personally take you to this site and show you around and point out all the security. The second you see this place in person none of their “official story” makes sense.

Now let's jump to the Aztec. This culture also speaks of this city under Groom Lake. It's actually pictured on very ancient maps. This has never made sense seeing nothing was out there where it was labeled on the map but the names are there. I honestly can't remember the name of the city on the map and I can't find it again but it was once widely available online and when I find it I’ll add a picture to this post. The city started with TECH I think. The actual word is split on the map. This city is directly on top of Groom Lake and Area51. The Aztec spoke of these ancient underground cities as well. This is part of Aztlan and everything found here used to belong to the being they once called the Quetzalcoatl. This is not the main part of Aztlan, only a small part. This civilization was huge. The Aztec speak of 7 huge underground cities and they are all supposed to be connected by large underground tunnel systems.

**(EDIT)** I suddenly recalled the name of this Azteca city on old maps that's directly on top of modern day Groom Lake/Area 51. This is important for the overall big picture. Remembering the name led me to find pic of old maps showing this clearly marked. The name of the city was Totonteac. I will add the pic of the maps.

I claim another one of these systems is located under and near the Grand Canyon and this was also found, pillaged and hidden by the United States Government and the Smithsonian in the early 1900’s… I think 1910. This site was discovered by G.E. Kincade and there are numerous newspaper articles that tell the story. To read more about this google “Citadel Under the Grand Canyon” or “Grand Canyon Underground City”.

These military bases were placed where they were to hide these ancient, forgotten places. Dugway Proving Ground in Utah would probably be another one of these underground cities and quite possibly Archuleta Mesa in Dulce NM. There are even more sites and underground cities.

OK, enough about the other underground cities and back to Area 51. I will write more on the other ones later.

I claim that there is a reason that the government chose the places they did to test our nuclear weapons. First off the NV. Test site is in the middle of nowhere (right next to Area51) but it would actually be safer for the public to do this over the ocean (bikini atoll). They chose the NEVADA test site for a reason… There were ancient, very large megalithic ruins all over the place in this location and the surrounding areas. The government chose this area to test our nukes in order to destroy as many of the ruins that were visible and just laying around on the ground. They wiped the evidence from the earth with Nukes! This also made this area impossible to visit, research or explore ever again. This land is toxic and you WILL DIE if you go here to explore any small remnants that might be left laying on the ground.

Bob Lazar, the man who was originally set up and used by the government to reveal some of this misinformation about aliens being tied to these ufo’s, He once said a very interesting thing in one of his videos that can still be viewed on YouTube. Bob Lazar clearly says in one interview that he really had no clue if the alien stuff that the government told him was true or a lie and misinformation. He said that he could personally vouch for the Disc shaped craft and the actual machines but he had no clue where they really came from other than what he was told. He then looked at the interviewer and said the only other thing he ever overheard was two people/scientist talking one day and one of them said that the craft were not alien in origin and that they really found them out near groom lake during an archaeological dig, years ago. Bob Lazar actually says this exact thing and if you watch all his interviews you'll stumble upon this for yourself. (seek and ye shall find)

If you go to Blythe AZ. You can see the intaglios that are on the ground. These are like petroglyphs but they are on the ground and meant to be seen from the sky. There are a bunch of these and they all have meanings. One is a huge representation of the Aztec god named Quetzalcoatl, he’s playing the flute. (The pied piper? What should we do here? Follow!?!?!?) If you follow the Aztec god, the Quetzalcoatl, it leads you to the Grapevine Canyon petroglyphs in NV, IF you follow these they lead you to more petroglyphs in and around the surrounding areas in and around Las Vegas NV. These will lead you to 3 places. One is Death Valley, One is Area 51 (well, as close as you can get to it) and the last is the Valley of Fire and the Grand Canyon Area. If you understand what these glyphs are really saying you can easily follow them to these long lost places, The problem is the closer you get the more impossible it is to go any further. Every one of these trails lead directly to highly guarded military bases, highly guarded private land or extremely forbidden and monitored Native Sacred Land.

Who is the Quetzalcoatl? This is a hard thing to explain. I talked about this character in other Essays. The Quetzalcoatl was the (g)od of the Aztec, Maya Olmec and many other cultures in S. America Long Ago. I speak of this being in my Esoteric Essay #2. There are many depictions of the Quetzalcoatl riding in his flying machines in the hieroglyphs in the ruins of S. America. Some of these have been known by a different name but these are all the Being once known as the Quetzalcoatl. The Aztec spoke of the Quetzalcoatl first coming to them from a land far away that was destroyed. He arrived in a flying machine. These are the same exact flying machines that were found a few thousand miles away in the area we now call Area 51. This being was known by many names in S. American Cultures. He was the god Amaru in Turkey and this is really where the word America really comes from. (The story you are told about Amerigo Vespucci is a lie) The Incas Called this being Viracocha, the Azteca Named him the Quetzalcoatl. I’ve said this before and will write more about this later but the Mormons believe the Quetzalcoatl Is really Jesus and he visited the Americas in his missing years. Then we get to the Freemasons' belief that the Quetzalcoatl is the reincarnated soul of the Fallen Angel they worship…. Lucifer Moroni MorningStar.

I am here to say that this is the truth that I have witnessed, seen and figured out through my investigations and studies. I have been to these sites and hundreds of others. There are many, many more secrets being hidden from you and these are buried here in the Americas as well. The rumor that the beautiful Cleopatra And Mark Antony died in Egypt is a lie and they are really buried somewhere here on this continent along with the very famous and very missing…. Alexander the Great. Someone actually thinks they found the tomb of Alexander Helios (The son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony) in Illinois. This is not the actual tomb and is something else that is related to the Egyptians,,,, but it's not the tomb. The tombs are here in the Americas but in an entirely different location (That I will not disclose at this point for various reasons). I will write more about this and its connection to all of this in a future Essay. Cleopatra was the head of the mystery schools so she had access to all the ancient Atlantean maps and writings and she knew all about the Americas and what was really once here. (Again… more on this topic later)

I must stop here cause this is getting long. Thanks again for reading my Essays. I do have my own private group here on FB where I post all of my Essays first then I post them publicly in other groups. If you want to see my other Posts and Essays please feel free to ask me in the comments or a PM and I will send you a link to the group. It's called “Esoteric Essays”

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I am working on more Essays as we speak about other topics that connect to this huge puzzle.

I beg you all to research everything I have written for yourselves and make up your own minds about the things you have read. Don't take me or anyone else at their word and investigate, investigate, investigate!!!!

Feel free to PM me or ask any and all questions in the comments. It might take me a while but I try to answer everyone that I can.

11:11 Written BY; James Mazzeo
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