Dreamland Resort Discussion Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to some of the questions you may have about our discussion forum.

Password General/Reading Posting

Why do I need a password to post in the discussion forum?

After much consideration we have decided to use passwords to keep out troublemakers, and to keep the discussions on track. The passwords help both serious posters and our many readers and mailing list subscribers to eliminate irrelevant and offensive posts.
We require a valid email address to issue a password. This email address will be kept strictly confidential, and does NOT need to be given in forum posts. Click here to request a password.

Do I need a password to read forum posts, or to subscribe to the mailing list?

No, you only need a password to post messages in the forum.

Do I have to enter my forum password every time I post to the forum?

No. When you enter your password with your first forum post it is saved on your computer as a cookie. For subsequent forum posts from the same computer you can leave the password field empty.
If you are posting from a computer that others have access to please make sure to clear the password when you are done posting with the "Delete Forum Password" option at the top of the forum index page.

My forum password is not saved; I have to enter it for every post. Why?

Most likely you have disabled cookies in your web browser. Make sure that persistent cookies are enabled. Click here for instructions on how to enable cookies for the most common browsers.

How can I keep track of ongoing discussions?

If you subscribe to our free Discussion Forum mailing list all new forum posts will be emailed to you as soon as they are posted. You do not need a password to subscribe to this list, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Is there a fee for posting/reading this forum?

No! The use of our discussion forum and the mailing list is absolutely free. There is no charge for passwords, or to subscribe to the forum mailing list.

Can I put html tags anywhere in my posts?

Yes, you can use HTML tags in the message body. Your HTML markup will appear in the posted message. However, we ask you to keep the use of HTML tags in your posts to a minimum. If you wish to refer to an external web page or image, please use the optional URL field when you post your message.

How can post photos in the forum?

Because of bandwidth limitations you can not upload photos directly to this forum. The best way to post a photo is to upload it to your own web site and then post a link to the image here (in the "Image URL" field). Most people have some free web server space through their internet provider. There are also many free image hosting services and free web site services.

Note: If you use a free web site such as geocities, they usually block external links to images on their server to prevent bandwidth piracy. In that case you can embed the image in an html page, and post a link to that page in the "Link URL" field.

Why didn't my post show up?

Your post most likely did not show up because your browser did not reload the page. It simply pulled it out of the cache. Right-click in the forum index page, and select "Reload" or "Refresh" from the pop-up menu.

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