lazar core dump

Message posted by gary on June 07, 2002 at 12:41:45 PST:

There were a few interesting things said on Art Bell's show last night interviewing Bob Lazar. One was from a caller who mentioned that there are Janet flights out of Burbank airport. Maybe some LA DLR reader can look for the small Janet planes at the airport, and while you're at it take a photo of Dr. Gene Scott's personal jet.

Bob said that the EG&G building is no longer by McCarrin, but now at Nellis. I don't know what is up with that statement. Has anyone visited the EG&G special projects building on Greer Drive lately? Maybe that building is gone. Surely he didn't mean the Janet terminal was gone. I'll have to reply the interview, but I recall Lazar said the airline was called "Key".

What is the deal with the road leading to S4 and the bus with black windows? Surely that bus could be seen leaving Groom by an observer on Tikaboo. Lazar mentioned that the road at S4 could be seen on a Russian satellite photo, but you would think the hanger doors would show up on that photo as well.

Art mentioned a bus leaving the Pahrump VFW parking lot that said Area 51 on the side. I'm guessing this is a bus to the NTS with Area 51 on the side as a joke.

As mentioned elsewhere on DLR, Kreskin was a bust. Still hanging out in Red Rock Canyon with cold beer isn't exactly a waste of time. One caller to the show was going to climb Mt. Potosi on horse back to watch for UFOs. I'm not sure from what planet she hails, but there is a nice dirt road to the top of Mt. Potosi, though I don't know if I would drive it at night. There are no guard rails and drops at the side of a few hundred feet. Las Vegas looks like a small island from Mt. Potosi.


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