Re: Edwards AFB from a distance

Message posted by Rocketfox on June 02, 2002 at 20:03:20 PST:

Nothing there for me to take offense at, but thanks..

I don't know off-hand what the proportions should be, and it's a relatively minor point in the first place. Logic suggests though, that if they are -71's, they'd be under some type of cover when this photo was taken. My point was, I didn't know if there were ever that many of them all in one place at one time.

That's why I suggested some type of post-shot markings, like what look like drafting lins along the 'main' runway area. I just thought it was interesting.. not a really big deal, but interesting..


On a different subject, the 'New' Area 51 Research Center... I looked that whole site over best as I could, and couldn't find any maps or directions to it. Assuming I wanted to attend the "Open House" next weekend, that's odd, really odd. Skim through the dreambook when you have the chance, it's illuminating in it's darkness.

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