Re: Edwards AFB from a distance

Message posted by Pat on June 02, 2002 at 18:31:55 PST:

First off I need to apoligize for not being around and also for my original e-mail going down. However when @home went down so did I.

Thanks for the new password Jorge much appreciated.

Ok now for the good stuff after printing the sat photo the rocketfox is talking about I think the shadows that appear to be -71's are in fact fake if you look at the on towards the bottom of the photoit isn't any way close to being in proportion for a 71 look at it next to the white plane the 71 should be much bigger.

Also the other ones jsut seem to small as well I could be wrong but I think this is alot of superimposing going on here and could be a fake.

Roketfox this in no ways is anything against you and I'm not saying you did it either so please don't take offense. Thanks


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