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Message posted by Art Bell (Member since 03/16/2022) on March 22, 2022 at 10:10:31 PST:

Hey there!

I could see how the Lazar topic could be controversial here, but I wasn't aware that was indeed the case. Hopefully it doesn't rile anybody up, and hopefully it's okay that I get off-topic a bit on my own post, but here goes:

John Lear and Bob Lazar both have been on Coast to Coast AM multiple times, and I've listened to each of those episodes more times than I could count. I think those episodes are important to anyone trying to sort this stuff out; Art Bell was a great interviewer in that his were more conversational, and he was knowledgable host, and those episodes help us get a sense of how they talk and think and what kind of people they are/were. They also lay out the timeline of events.

My understanding is that John Lear was doing a lot of digging into the UFO thing, making a name for himself in the that field after his aviation career ended (which he said was a result of the UFO thing) doing lecture-tours, posting on early internet forums and selling tapes, a popular thing back then. He called it 'an obsession'. He had that huge house in Vegas. One day, a guy called John asking for copies of his tapes, and mentioned that he was a home appraiser. John says that he offered Gene some of his tapes in exchange for a house appraisal. The appraiser was Gene Huff, Bob Lazar's friend and early partner. John says Gene brought his friend Bob 'to hold the measuring tape' while he did the appraisal.

As far as I can tell, that's how John Lear and Bob Lazar connected initially.

From there, John Lear says that the three of them continued to hang out, and that Bob became more convinced.The story goes that Bob was helping Gene with appraisals because his own scientific career was at a standstill. John says that he mentioned rumors about a facility called 'YY-2' at Los Alamos, and that Bob Lazar was pretty impressed when he confirmed that with his friends at the base. It's said that this is what lead Bob to get back into the scientific community, and John Lear says he was present when Lear reached back out to Dr. Edward Teller over the phone, which, as the story goes, is what lead Bob to Groom Lake.

The rest is history, I guess!

Personally, I still don't know how to feel about it all. I've never gotten 'liar vibes' listening to Bob Lazar or John Lear speak (for hours at a time, thank you Art) and I'd be MORE skeptical if any of them had made big pushes to make money on all this. That is just not the case. I'm not a die-hard believer, I can't get there without proof, but neither Bob or John have ever made any moves that made me think "Ah-ha, there's that salesman angle". John was divorced from his wife of several decades right before the pandemic, he lost that big house, he's confined to a motor scooter and has terrible vision. He's 'doing okay', living alone in a smaller house, but he absolutely has not been 'laughing all the way to the bank'. Bob continues to run his scientific supply store and has stayed out of the limelight. Recently, he was part of a documentary and did a few interviews in support of that, but that's not exactly suspicious, particularly if everything he says is true.

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