Nellis Fighter Wing on Letterman Top Ten List

Message posted by Mike on May 18, 2002 at 1:48:56 PST:

I'm sure some of you may have saw this already tonight. David Letterman had fighter pilots from the 57th (I think) Fighter Wing at Nellis AFB read the Top Ten list tonight. The subject was something like "top ten things fighter pilots do while flying" -- I particularly liked the "put the soundtrack from "Top Gun" into the CD player" and "Hey, it's a nice day - let's put the top down and go for a ride" picks! Shot was on ramp with backdrop of an F-15 and an A-10 Hog - Gatling Gun was prominent. Around #6 a fighter could be heard taking off very loudly and Dave said to Paul something like... "hear that - sounds great!".

I'll try to grab the Top Ten from the site and post it as a follow-up.

Sedalia Mike (who really wishes Nellis AFB wasn't a three day drive from here!)


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