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Message posted by John on May 17, 2002 at 23:33:34 PST:

Toms & Forum: The amount of "g" pulled turning at any speed is
a direct function of the radius of that turn, if the
radius was 2,000 Miles, not much "g". Remember the 180
turn around the Earth on our way to the Moon? It was done sucsesfully much faster than Mach 8. Yes it was out of our Atmosphere, yes, induced
"g" loadings while turning are still present. I too read of very fast moving Aircraft using huge amounts
of space to turn in. I believe, in more than one report
Linked to this web-sight, Scotland was mentioned as the
"turning point" The name of the Aircraft posted on this Forum was "Snowbird" under Devolopment at Area 51.
Hypersonic, requiring, lots of space to turn in. Reguards...John

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