Re: Revelations on Lockheed's HGV hypersonic v.

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on April 26, 2002 at 19:08:52 PST:

Dear Andreas,

No air of mystery here...(!).

I simply stated i was a bit paranoid about posting the picture here, as i prefer to have it posted low resolution (small size), purely and simply so other kit manufacturs will not jump on it right away...
(I will make a kit of it, so...).
Number two, i am supposed to put it first on my site it was actually supposed to have been posted already since a week or two, but seems the person who does it for me was very busy)(i now contacted him, finally, and he told me he will put it up, as i explained to him i just posted a story here on HGV on your site, and that people were asking to see the drawing).


(Andreas, speaking of "people who like to create a mystery"... I must remind you that on your own story on Black projects on this site, you too did not provide any justification that could allow people to verify that the picture you posted of the "Bright Star" (supposedly the Lockheed QSP (Quiet Supersonic Platform) is without any caption (you did not say who the author is.... and the pic is Real

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