Re: Revelations on Lockheed's HGV hypersonic v.

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Why is my reply to Andreas trunkated at the bottom....???


I was saying, his, the article he wrote on this very web site with the very grainly picture of what is supposed to be the Lockheed QSP (Quiet Supersonic Platform) does not have any caption... The shape on that picture could be anything... a Mirage III, an
F-106, or even a Fairey Delta....(!))

He also makes a link between the L301, and a code name for a (supposed) continuation of the program under "COPPER COAST". Yet, he provides no source and no proof that would allow people to verify if this is true...
I spent many hours this week doing a research on that code name, Copper Coast, and i came up with nothing, zip.. nada...
The only thing to be found is on another Area 51 type web site ("anomalies" something),where it shows a brief extract from the US defense budget, years 1994 and 1997. But there is no real proof there either, it only shows the name Copper Coast, and suppositions on the part of the proprietary of that other web site about "Copper Coast being maybe linked to the Copper Canyon program".
The text was not the original text from the defense budget, only a re-typed text done by the author of that site.
I looked at the official gov't site for a copy, but the budgets prior to 1998 are not available.


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