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Message posted by Tom on December 11, 2000 at 22:17:21 EST:

There may be much stronger links to Groom from this part of Utah than most realize.

There exists a high speed, high throughput data collection system for aircraft testing, that runs from near Michael AFB to Edwards. It's a microwave linkage that transmits large volumes of telemetry from aircraft under test. Test aircraft fly this course and the data gets slurped up and sent wherever.

The northerly end (if I remember the map correctly), was in the vicinity of Michael AFB (near Dugway, another fun, "deadly force" sort of place) in Utah. Important nodes along the route include Halligan Mesa and good ol' Bald Mountain. This route obviously is a major flight testing path for both white and black aircraft.

As another poster recently hinted, follow the spokes. Draw a line from Edwards to Hill AFB. Goes right across Groom and Michael AFB, along with a huge data-guzzling system. Just a coincidence, I'm sure......

Seriously, as was quite correctly pointed out, very important patterns can emerge from something as simple as noting antenna arrays and mapping their paths. Since these are line of sight systems (you can fool the public but you can't fool the laws of physics), it's not a major task to figure out where testing is going on. Whether you want to sit out in the desert long enough to actually see some of this testing is another matter.

A while back I did hear some stories of some sort of "Aurora-ish" flight testing on certain week nights. Something that ran from NW Utah to Groom. Supposedly looked like a shooting star during some points in its flight. Don't know much more than that (other than it WASN'T a saucer!).

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