Re: Helendale

Message posted by John on March 27, 2002 at 10:51:34 PST:

Wolfbane: I definately agree: Recent case in point: I
observed at Sunrise, a flight of an unknown traveling
from Horizen to Horizen, Military measurement=30 Miles,
in 58 Sec. I did the math, thats 2,300+ M.P.H. This Aircraft was heading from the high desert/Edwards N.W to W. the important point, I observed this from the Pomona valley, in S. Calif. and on 2 occasions. Thru
a pair of 10X50 Binos. the nose was painted orange, the
Fuselauge shiny Aluminum. What caught my eye was the contrails and the reflection. Yes, I grabbed the Binos,
and not the Camera!!!!!!!

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