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Every so-called "secret" aircraft that was tested at Groom, or elsewhere, has always been in daylight. Flight testing at night is not done, except in certain
cases (I won't mention those). FYI: U-2; A-12; Have Blue; Tacit Blue; F-117A; "YF-113G;" the MiGs and Sukhois....were all test flown in broad daylight, no matter whether they were secret or not. And even when some of the secret avians go operational, they do indeed fly over populated areas....Should go on ?

When they (those at Groom that are in charge of things) decide to fly something, they fly it, period.
Even when there are "observers" on the hills over looking Groom, that might see something they don't want them to see, those said in charge there send out
Black Hawks, security 4x4 Jeep Cherokees, or the local Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. to harass, detain, or remove those observers from the scene. The attention of the observers are on the security people and trying evade them, than trying to continue observing what is
taking place on the flight line at Groom.


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