Re: Possibly B-21 test flight scanner audio?

Message posted by greatguess on July 31, 2019 at 8:37:50 PST:

i understand on the data - just give us executive level updates as you get smarter...

the b2 didn't have an airborne acquisitiion and targeting radar but that doesn't mean the b21 won't. it would be a nice feature to have better situational awareness of the traffic in the area you are trying to penetrate - maybe the b21 beast will have laser weapons to melt/blind the bad guys in addition to being invisible. i try to think of the b2 as a technology demonstrator for the next generation - the b21 won't be a copy of the b2 made out of different parts - it will be an improvement in all aspects. the one thing the b2 lacked was any ability to defend itself and that would be something nice if you weren't quite as invisible as you thought you were and you were alone in enemy territory alone.

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