NV11 (KUCC) Yucca Airstrip and L23 Pahute Mesa Airstrip

Message posted by Raz on December 22, 2018 at 16:12:07 PST:

Haven't seen a lot of information about these airfields (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough). Only current information about them I could find is they are both owned by Nevada Dept of Energy. Both airfields have a notation in their respective Airfield/Facility Directory entries that the "OWNER DESIRES AIRPORT NOT BE CHARTED".

Pahute Mesa is located in Area 18 and has a single 5,800 foot asphalt runway. Wikipedia entry says it was originally built for the Army Air Corps in 1941 as an emergency landing field. It was expanded in 1968 so construction materials could be flown in for projects in Areas 19 and 20. No information about current activities. OpenStreetMap satellite imagery shows the runway as closed, with three small hangars and a small ramp area with what may be two helicopters on the far side of the ramp away from the hangars (not sure, kind of hard to make out). A/FD notation indicates rotary wing/powerlift aircraft only.

Yucca Airstrip is located in Area 6 and was constructed sometime prior to being used as a staging area for nuclear testing in 1953. It is currently being used for UAV testing according to Wikipedia but couldn't find any further detailed information. It currently has a 9,000ft dirt/salt-flat runway and a 5,000ft asphalt runway. Satellite imagery shows quite a bit of activity.

Was wondering if anyone had more detailed information about possible activities at these locations.


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