Re: Massive War Drill Over Nevada...

Message posted by Gregos on December 14, 2018 at 5:46:19 PST:

I don't use Twitter (or much of social media in general). Okay, NO social media! LOL. I just saw that Vitaminwater is offering a contest for $100,000 bucks if you can stay off your smartphone for a year!. They wouldn't pick me for it, I'm a shoe in! I hate that thing! I'd even go one step further, I'd give up my laptop too! Pick me, pick me!

Anyway, does anyone know if the original Conga Line info linked above is available other in the jpeg form posted in that link? I put together a list of Coyote Freedom players (Joerg Linked it in the [Upcoming Red Flag Units] but some tail numbers are incomplete as they were cut off in those jpegs. I tried to go on civmilair but I see the same as the linked screenshots.

Have a looks at the list and please add to it if possible. That's a whole lot of aircraft!


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