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Thanks Mojo, that helps out tremendously! There were lots of screenshots linked to the ones you provided. The only aircraft I couldn't find was OUTLAW 42. I had the partial number: 95-670? I looked up the FY serial numbers and there were only four C-130Hs purchased that year, 95-6709 thru 95-6712. Right, 95-6709 it is!!! I also found a few just by searching "Track Flight then the callsign." Airnav RadarBox provided a few tracks.

In the olden days, the Nellis PAO would give you the info. Then they started to say, "Due to national security, blah blah blah." Now they don't even respond! I doubt a stateside exercise endangers national security but if it helps save one single life, I'll toe the party line too!

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