Re: Rachel Streaming Scanner - 2003 or so?

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on December 04, 2018 at 10:13:28 PST:

The Groom mountain range shields Rachel from Area 51 ground transmissions to some degree. From my home in Rachel, with a good base antenna, I receive Groom Tower air side only. I do receive Groom approach/departure ("Control"). Best places to scan are between the Gravel Area and below Hancock summit and the Powerlines Overlook (where you can even pick up Groom Ground and the elusive Groom VOR).

Most of the frequencies have changed at least once since the Rachel scanner was active in the early 2000's. There are still three UHF and three VHF simplex freqs for Ground, Tower and Control. Most of the time, but not always, VHF and UHF are simulcast. Due to the absence of radio chatter in the area it won't take you more than a couple of hours to find the new freqs using a scanner with fast band scan. Best times are early morning and early afternoon, when there are a lot of flights in and out of Groom.

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