Re: Rachel Streaming Scanner - 2003 or so?

Message posted by Mike on December 04, 2018 at 9:28:48 PST:

That would make sense that it would have been Don Emory who was running the service. From what I remember the scanner was scanning something like 20 channels and he had the frequencies and assignments listed but you didn't know what frequency the scanner was actually on when it landed on a transmission. I was a subscriber to the service and it must have been before 2001. I visited Rachel in 2000 and met Don at the Research Center. I suspect the scanner didn't actually receive the tower frequencies but he may have had them programmed and just not listed the actual frequency. I don't know if the tower can actually be picked up from Rachel or not... I know I was able to pick up the tower from Groom Lake Road using a vintage Regency HX1500 scanner hooked up to a generic mobile scanner antenna. At the time I went out there you were very generous with sharing your frequency lists with me and my buddy Joe for our trip.

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