Question for Hal RE: Snowbird

Message posted by wolfbane on March 19, 2002 at 15:46:49 PST:

Hi, Hal:

Just a quick question. The aircraft "Snowbird" you have been referring to, was it a Nortrop product? Sorry, but here comes more. At Steve Hauser's link, photo history thumbnail, photo #
26, the RCS pole model is referred to as Snowbird. Is
this the RCS pole model you saw?

Photo #26 is at Northrop's Tejon RCS Facility, in California. Year of the photo is 1975. The planform
of the RCS model is that of Northrop's XST (1/3 scale)
proposal. The white ceramic tiles you mentioned were
for heat dissipation but for radar absortion. Northrop
and Lockheed used different methods for stealth. The
white ceramics on Northrop's XST were so-called onto the body of the aircraft, much like that of the Space



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