Something white South of Pappoose.

Message posted by Marcus on January 24, 2018 at 18:13:06 PST:

On Google Earth there is a solid white object South of Pappoose. It doesn't appear until 4/1/13 in imagery and gets larger in the November 4 2015 image. I think it could be debris from an explosion that was thrown pretty far, something wind blew, or a rock. Doubt it's ice or snow in April and November.

If you'd like to see it to the South of Raysonde Butte there is a large Black round area that kind of looks like a volcano crater. To the East of that closer to the top of that black area is the "small" white thing. Scroll slowly East and you'll see it. I just thought if it's not natural that's a funny thing to be in the middle of nowhere.


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