Re: No-fly zone for drones around the Area 51 perimeter to be extended

Message posted by FosterVS on January 09, 2018 at 22:25:01 PST:

This is pretty ridiculous. There are existing rules about drones and restricted airspace, or MOA's, per the FAA. Trust me I know, I still haven't got my brand new drone back that they confiscated. Admittedly I was flying it in R-4808N airspace. The only reason I can determine for the existing ordinance, as demanded by the military from what the sheriff department insinuated to me, was a means to enforce complaints from the base security. I asked for clarification from the Lincoln County DA on glaring ambiguities in their ordinance, specifically what legal distance from the NTTR border could I fly my drone. The DA answered me, but offered no clarification. I am guessing this is how they are addressing the issue. So a 2 mile perimeter. A WORD OF WARNING - this doesn't apply to the R-4808N restricted airspace, which is from GL to unlimited. So you can't fly within that airspace, and if you aren't under that airspace, then you have to be >2 miles from the border. FYI for anyone not aware - the R-4808N/Area 51 airspace extends OUTSIDE the land border. In fact, about 3.5 miles down Groom Lake Road from the border for example.

Despite all this, I have drone plans for my next trip to the range. Now that the ru les are a bit clearer, hopefully I won't get my replacement drone confiscated! Check out the URL for my Youtube video of sheriff deputies confiscating my drone.

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