Message posted by WheresJanet on October 30, 2017 at 21:51:07 PST:

I was browsing through today's Janet Flight history, and I came across an aircraft that appears to be flying in circles, over R-4807A. That's only a few miles away from TTR's R-4809! When I clicked on "WOODY10," Flightaware redirected me to an aircraft in Florida. Considering the last time the redirected link provides flight info for February 24th 2017, Flightaware obviously doesn't have too much information on the current airborne aircraft. The way "WOODY10" is flying in extremely tight circles over the same area, it may be an ELSUR//ELINT//SIGINT//RCS platform! Although, I can be completely wrong. Does anyone have any insight on what kind of aircraft "WOODY10" might be? It's almost 10:00 PM PST, and TTR doesn't appear to have anymore Janet Flights for the evening, so maybe it's an extremely compartmentalized operation? This is all speculation! That's why I'd love to hear any of your ideas/opinions!!

PS: Maybe it's "RAT55," going by the callsign "WOODY10?"

Thank you in advance,


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