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Message posted by WheresJanet on November 02, 2017 at 1:11:22 PST:

I hope you are having a great time so far, in and around Tonopah! Here is how I look at it, when agencies under JSOC, and or CIA need to train in terrain similar to their current "battlefield," they turn to the appropriate landscape! If their current mission takes place in Nicaragua, they will most likely train at "The Farm," and or The Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity! In reality, Harvey Point is the sister Central Intelligence Agency site to "The Farm." IF any JSOC agencies and or Intel Agencies are training for warfare in Kabul, a place like Basecamp, TTR, Groom Lake, etc, would be way more appropriate, than a "jungle" setting! I remember seeing photos a while back of N196D, parked on the ramp at Basecamp! If you try to learn about the different global sightings of N196D, you'll see it is in "extraordinary rendition" land! Now why would a plane dedicated for transporting classified detainees from one "black site" to another, be spotted at Basecamp? Maybe because a new flight crew needs to familiarize themselves with similar territory, as their mission, before they enter a "real world" scenario! I would imagine that's the similar reason for "WOODY10" frequenting the Nevada desert over the years! Even if you can't catch a good photo of any of the aircraft, see if you can write down the tail number! In my experience, tail numbers tell a great tale!

Stay SAFE, and thank you for the great info!


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