Re: I thought RCS was like aero on scale models

Message posted by gary on March 14, 2002 at 21:22:20 PST:

If the enemy scaled the radar frequency as you scaled the model, I think your theory would work. ;-)

One thing that does come to mind is the very annoying over the horizon (aka OTH) radar that you sometimes hear on the shortwave bands. You could probably take a F117, scale it up, and make it immune to OTH.

I'll let Hal comment, but one thing to note about scaling items related to RF is that while dimensions and frequency scale, the aperture of the object (perhaps antenna, perhaps object reflecting a radio wave) does not scale. Compare one of those radar calibration target silver balls and a ball-bearing. You could scale the freqs hitting them according to size. However, the radar cal target will intercept much more energy than the ball bearing for a given field strength because its physical size occupies more of the field. It would follow that the field strength of the signal reflected back would be larger, hence easier to detect.

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