Re: I thought RCS was like aero on scale models

Message posted by Hal on March 14, 2002 at 22:29:47 PST:

I don't fully understand your first statement. The model is simply a way to examine an airframe without having to actually use the full-sized airframe. Using a smaller model also avoids the apeture problem, but the radio frequency has to be scaled in accordance with the scale of the model.

If you take that ball bearing and make a larger sphere, say 100 times larger, and illuminate the ball bearing at 100 GHz and the larger one at 1 GHz, the reflected energy, given the same power transmitted and the same range, would also be the same--same RCS at the respective frequencies--in theory. In theory the ball bearing at 100 GHz would occupy the same amount of RF field as the larger sphere at 1 GHz. But theory is one thing and practice is another! You are correct that the apeture of the transmitting antenna can be a problem. Effective apetures aren't easy to scale.

As I understand OTH, it's a low freq. system and stealth radar absorbant materials may not be operative. The shape of a stealth aircraft isn't the only factor in its stealthyness--the RAM must also be operative.

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