Re: off topic - US told to use Nukes

Message posted by Richard on March 10, 2002 at 13:28:42 PST:

Some good points again.

I am with you in that the West (not just the US) should deal with terrorists in the most decisive and also brutal of ways, with no ties, meaning whatever weapon it takes to do the job.
The main problem we have in the world today, is two things..
1. Politics, either they are with us, or over-ruling us
2. Population, again, either they are with us, and want us to go for it, or, they are with us, but are affraid, or are not with us and it is damn right fear..
all apply when it comes to terrorists...

It may seem like i have been arguing the points made here, but i havent, i have merely just put a 'if thats done, this will happen afterwards' comment.

From the news this evening, they were still on about the nukes, but this time in Iraq... so they are not aiming this 'leak' at particular Al-Quaeda terrorists but to all. They were also on about groups of American and British special services going into Iraq and getting help from the Kurds in a possible land invasion , calling it Desert Storm 2, and Dick Chaney has asked for 25,000 British troops to help so they are expecting something big.

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