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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 10, 2002 at 13:18:08 PST:

Interesting points, I just wonder who we get the Quid pro quo promise that if we don't do anything to make the fanatics mad, they will either leave us alone or maybe only terrorize us "a little bit". One way or another, when they have an opprtunity, they will strike at America or the West. They'll use the excuse that we bombed or struck first if it'll make the media more pliant, but they will strike anyway. Like you said they are fanatics, and hard to find, but their leaders and logisitics are less so. If we stuff a nuke in a mountain where a bunch of them are instead of sending the cream of U.S. Special Ops to go door to door like a Mary Kay rep, sounds like a plan to me.

Bottom line they will strike again, no doubt. The resons they will give will be dependent on current terrorist PC - either we struck first, we support Israel, or a Quickie-Mart had a bad week, it doesn't matter what they say; they are doing it because they hate and resent us as a people and culture.

I guess the real test is if and when we do exercise force as a preemptive strike, will Americans and American Media jump on the "I told you so" wagon when the next terrorist tries to board a U.S. Flag Carrier with C-4 Reeboks.

I our society where people are forced by law to wait until the law is broken to defend themselves (which means it's usually too late) a "wait and see" or "don't make eye contact and maybe they'll take our money only beat us a little" attitude is understandable.

Personally I'd like to see an aggressive and lethal projection of power that will hopefully make the terrorists understand that if they become known to us by actions, reputation, intelligence, or communications intercept, we WILL arrange the introduction to the Almighty they seem to crave.

Sorry to all about the O/T posts, but since nukes are tied to politics by law, it's had not to combine the two.

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