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Message posted by Rocketfox on March 10, 2002 at 7:54:29 PST:

Did I hear the sounds of engines turning and the return of Gunboat Diplomacy?

This is going to be on topic, watch, at no time will my fingers leave my hands...

I'm certain by now most of the rest of the world has grasped the concept that we have a President who means what he says, and does what he promises, even if it's less than perfectly considered.
Like him or not, He's in there pitching and not afraid to take chances that previous administrations would have thought unthinkable.

Now, there's this "Secret" report that opens the Pandora's Box of use of Nuclear Weapons. Here's something to consider, and a reason for nation-states to take pause. Lets see what's going on here, from a tactical and strategic standpoint just at a glance.

We've served notice, in a delightfully deniable way, that we're not the paper tiger we have been in the past. We've shown that we will use our technology and expertise, from the aging B-52 bomber to the very latest Thermobaric Bomb fresh out of the box of testing at NTS, and are willing to do what needs to be done.

We've demonstrated that we have the capability to be miles removed from the point of impact yet remain behing the sights of a Hellfire missle slung under a UAV and are not afraid to use it if we have to.

We know the Russians have photographs of the next valley over from Groom, pockemarked with craters that glow slightly in the dark, and I'm sure that those who have seen these picture can make the appropriate parallels with how much the terrain resembles other mountainous and desert locales. Those images alone should give one pause.

Anyone who's anyone should remember what happened to the rest of the world once America came out of it's political coma in the 40's and cranked up the American War Machine for serious. We have not reached that point yet, but we've alreasdy shown the willingness to do so, if pushed too far.

I'm drawn to think of the parallel to China, and the Brotherhood of the Righteous Harmonious Fist who terrorised the Foreign Compound in Peking, held several Embassies hostage and surrounded, and several nations worked together and invaded China and relieved the seige, and incidentally brought China into the world family of nations.
I would submit that there are a lot of Arabic people that are not in sympathy with the tactis and methods of the Al Qaeda, and find them an embarassment to Islam. I'm also sure that there's a lot of countries and peoples that, if attacked, would use every means available to not only defend what id theirs, but exact retribution for trespassing in the first place.
such you see, is the nature of Man.

In theory, we are a reasonable Nation, and generally benign even if we are a bit pushy at times. And sure, we have our faults, and are not perfect. but then, no one is. Even so, that does not give anyone the right to push us around and terrorise us, and not expect a meaningful response. I'm not saying it's right or wron, just that it is what it is. At this point, it's a wonderfully deniable classified leak, which had had the effect of getting the world's attention for good or ill, whit no shots fired, and no injuries. Like I said, it serves notice.

Winston Churchhill said " Jaw Jaw is better than War War " which seems to fit somehow. Teddy Roosevelt walked softly and carried a big stick and I suspect that's the precedent that is being employed here. The World may have forgotten that we have the Big Stick, and this is a not so subtle reminder that it's up our sleeve and we're willing to bring it out if we're pushed over the esge.

No, it's not going to deter the fanatics, not in the long run, for nothing short of immediate violence will ever do that. They will have to be dealt with individually and in a manner that gives me cause for some concern for our rights and freedoms. Even so, we have to protect and defend our own, for anything less diminishes us all, in my opinion.

Strategically and tactically this is an interesting move to say the least, and I'm sure it has had an effect on those who would willingly harbor evil intent on our country.

It remains to be seen if we actually use it, but no one should doubt that we can. all one has to do is look at the pictures of NTS..


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